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A .270 of most any brand will shoot custom ammo like a varmint rifle, and that's how it should be treated-like a varmint rifle. If you've got plenty of room to run a blood trail, fine. The bigger hole and energy of the .30 cannot be denied. I was extremely proud of one of the first Ruger SS .270's to be sold around here in 1990. I have a long but great horror story of it posted on here somewhere. I got rid of my .270 as fast as I could. Naturally, I traded for one of my 7mm's- never had any regrets.

People will lambaste me for saying this, but I'll bet my short hairs they don't hunt in thick mountain terrain or crowded Eastern bottom woodlands. If you want to stay out of this stupid argument, get a cheaper-to-shoot .308 with nearly identical performance. When they tell you their .270 is much flatter shooting, ask them over to watch a few episodes of "Top Sniper" on Hulu. Let them pick out the rifles that are .270's. Nobody argues with military success.

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