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I voted yes.

As a relatively new shooter (9mths, now), I can say this info would have been useful to me. If nothing else it would have put some facts in simple terms, without lots of jargon that I had not yet learnt.

The bit about the relative ballistics I think was good. Noobs, myself included, can be susceptible to all the online opinions on things like caliber. As we all know, ballistics often comes down to personal preference. Similarly, some of the camera-man's leading questions were also useful, such as the one about clarifying ballistics...

Also, being a video, I could see the advice being given in context, rather than described in a post.

So I think the concept is fine.
If it were to be included in some kind of course, then you'd need to probably re-shoot the video with perhaps better kit: mike's, a higher res camera etc. However, if you could keep that natural, unscripted feel, that would be great.

Out of interest: is the shop owner from the US? His accent sounds English, with hints of Aussie, but then all his syntax was in American English. Just curious.
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