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Mystery Kit Flintlock- safe to shoot?

Hello all!

Browsing through my local pawn shop this morning I found a flintlock. I've been thinking about getting one for some time, and the price is right on this pistol. It looks to be a kit gun- someone did a nice job browning the barrel and oil-staining the stock/grip. However, its missing the leather and flint (no big deal) and the front sight (what the?). Examining the barrel I didn't see any stamps or makers marks, which also has me perplexed. Its 50ish cal, and looks a lot like Pedersoli's Navy Moll and Kentucky pistols, but with a round barrel, and an aged-brass buttcap. I realize I haven't provided much information in this initial post, but I'd like to know if there are any makers out there that don't stamp their barrels. Moreover, I'd like to know if this gun is potentially safe to shoot, or if it sounds fishy- I've had mixed luck before buying secondhand black powder weapons.
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