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Will I be able to buy a firearm?

I was just wondering if anybody could help me out or give me some insight in my situation. First I have Juvenile felonies(non violent or drug charges) in the State of Nevada which automatically seals your records at 21 years old unless they have to do with some type of sexual offense. Second issue is kinda complicated. At 19 years old I was originally charged with a felony. Non violent. But was offered a deal that gave me a suspended sentence of 2 years. Was put on probation for 2 years instead and if I completed probation after 2 years it would be a gross misdemeanor which is what happened. My problem is that federal law states that a person is prohibited from owning a firearm if convicted of a crime punishable by more than 1 year in jail. But Nevada Revised Statutes states that a gross misdemeanor can only have a maximum of not more than one year in jail. NRS 193.40. if anybody wants to look it up. So i dont know if that suspended sentence of 2 years was a mistake by the judge or it is connected to the original
charge meaning if I did not successfully finish my probation then I would be charged with the felony which would have made me a person who is prohibited from owning a firearm anyways. Sounds weird but does anyone get what I trying to ask here. By the way Im 34 years old now. That was 15 years ago. I have been an outstanding citizen since. I have a family. I have a college degree. No adult felonies, drug charges or domestic violence charges on my record. Do I fall under state and federal law and being able to own a firearm and do you think I would pass the nics background check? Has anybody on this forum ever purchased a firearm with juvenile record and a gross misdemeanor?
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