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WWII Remington 11/Browning A5 (Brownington?)

There's an earlier thread that addressed the same issue I had, but it's older. No biggie, but you may not like my thoughts.

The dis-assembly of every A5 and model 11 involves driving a pin out of the bolt by putting a punch through an assembly hole on the left side of the receiver. The pin falls out of a notch cut on the bottom of the ejection port. Every model 11 and A5 has this setup, except the Brownington and I think I know why. The bolt, I believe, was never meant to be dis-assembled or removed. On the left side of the receiver, there is an assembly hole. With the bolt in the correct position, there is a pin visible. Here is where trouble sets in. The pin doesn't go all the way through the bolt. Once the pin was driven into the bolt at the Remington factory, it had no way to get back out.

Why do this?

It's no secret that Remington was not keen on building mod 11's for Browning, and I can't blame them. No one wants to build product for their competition. This may have been just a little kick in the teeth as payback. I can't prove my payback theory, but there is no mechanical way possible to remove the bolt without destroying something.
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