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^^^^^ What Jim said.

It's ironic that you very seldom see these in "new" or "excellent condition. Obviously, they were put to use, and I assume with good effect.

Historically, they have the potential to be considered as relics of WWI, and later, the Spanish Civil War, or even possibly taken from someone in the French Resistance. The Japanese also private purchased Spanish Ruby types prior to WWII, as evidenced by some photos of Jap pilots.

Obviously, these are not, and never were, first class weapons, but, much like the POS Hi-Points, they work for a while for their intended purpose. If you look at the pistol, you will see that it potentially can be completely rebuilt using a hack saw, file and drill.

The Vesta was manufactured after 1918 by Bonifacio Echeverria. With the extended grip it is similar to the Military Ruby ( France ) but is not a military arm
This, obviously, is incorrect, since, as was stated earlier, this company (Hijos de A. Echeverria) was one of the early four original partners with Gabilondo in supplying the French in WWI.

Have you looked yet to see if there are two stars on the bottom of the butt?

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