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Getting a Virgina Non-Res Permit for Texas Concealed Carry?

Anyone done this?

I am not trying to get around learning laws (I've read the laws) or the Range part of the test (hell I love going to the range)... but thinking about the time commitment and the financial commitment, it sure is tempting to go with a Virginia Non-Resident Conceal Carry Permit. Texas is 10 to 15 hours or time versus a 1 hr online course for Virginia. For costs... the Texas license by the time I do the course, the filing fee, ammo for test, and finger-printing is around $260. Virginia is around $160. Reported turnaround time is around 15 days quicker as well.

From what I see this is perfectly legal and would only affect carrying into a few states (Colorado, Florida, and a couple others).

What are y'alls thoughts?
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