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Fun day!

I've been so doggone busy lately, that I haven't been shooting for a few weeks. Today, I finally got a chance to spend about four hours at the range. What a fun day.

There were only two little hiccups. The first was that the old Colt Lightning will hold 9 .38-40s in the tube. The only problem is that it's capacity is 8. Number nine takes up its place under the cartridge lifter, completely locking up the action. I became intimately familiar with the magazine system for the rifle, including the discovery that the plug in the end will fly every bit as far as a Winchester's. Thankfully, it went straight up and almost just as straight down. So note to self: Don't load until the last one doesn't fit.

The other problem?

Don't put the empties back in the range bag. It wasn't a total loss - I had about 30 11's that fit if I squished 'em.

And I managed to get home way before my wife, so I got to sit in the air conditioned living room to clean the rifle.

It was hot outside!
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