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How could you possibly be upset over this perfectly valid use of tax payer money?

(for those who missed it, that's sarcasm )
OMG! Some of my tax money may be funding anti-gun programs and organizations? That is a horror, an outrage!

Wait a minute. My local, state, and federal taxes help pay for every last government funded cause that I don't support. Even worse, my federal taxes don't just go to domestic programs. Apparently, I am also helping to fund a variety of governments around the world that I do not wish to support. Not only are those governments funded, but in some cases, I am also helping pay for the US troops to protect those governments.

Even worse than that, my tax money pays the salaries of anti-gun lawmakers!!!

That the MAIG program is partially funded by tax money really isn't the issue here, is it? I can't imagine that people would somehow believe that their tax dollars only fund programs and people that they support.
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