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I'd guess like so many skill-based things, if you want either "black" or "white" then it's a self fulfilling prophesy, as follows:

(1): Anyone needing the advice is not competent enought to use it independantly.


(2): Anyone proficient enough to do this themselves isn't seeking advice.

So... why bothering giving advice at all?

I offered what I offered under the premise that I am discussing it with someone who is "able to make their own choices" but could use some assistance as to the tools that are available to do so. Sort of a middle ground of "grey" between the two extremes above. I give some basic credit for basic intelligence and the ability to be educated to my fellow man. Actual mileage may vary... Or in other words, Darwin sometimes DOES rule the roost.

I don't shoot low number '03's either BTW. I can't test them. I can test cracks.



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