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Just took a trip from Dulles (Virginia) to Phoenix, passing through Dallas-Fort Worth. No problems at all either way. I printed out both the TSA web pages, and the airline's firearms policies, and placed them on top of the case, so I'd have them in hand if I ran into any grief. I did not.

At Dulles, the gate agent just walked around a corner to the dedicated TSA x-ray belt just for this purpose. The TSA guy smiled and winked at me and said, "well, I can tell you one thing, it ain't a Glock!" Nope, a 1911.

Phoenix was weird. They took me and the bag to a back room, where a TSA goon swabbed every inch of every seam and pocket of my multi-compartment suitcase. That had me a little nervous because I know nothing at all about that technology, and what it might pick up. He then swabbed the locked pistol case. I guess I passed!

No one asked me to open the case, either way.

Funny story of the first time I checked a handgun, going to Seattle from Dulles. When I declared to the obviously harried gate agent that I had a firearm in my luggage, he slapped down this rather long form. What th'. . ? But, being new to this, I just started filling it out. At one point, I'm asked if I'm transporting a prisoner, and a little farther on, what agency I work for. The guy assumed I was an LEO, and was about to let me board the plane with a pistol on my person. Kewl!

He 'bout stroked out when I gently told him I was just an average Joe trying to check a bag.

All's well that ends well!

Safe travels to you, Eppie, and all the best for your son!

Bob James
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