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I respectfully disagree based on my experience with properties of metals, and the ease of preventing a similar malfunction. But please include the word "respectful" in the answer... I always also advise that each individual do what is the most conservative thing that THEY are comfortable with. My own comfort level would be met with that receiver. Others... not so. I respect that completely. And... if it were mine, and I completed a rifle using it... I'd probably not sell it to anyone for liability reasons. Safe? Absolutely. As safe as if new? Uhh... probably not. Shoot it? Absolutely. Argue with lawyers after someone else shoots soft primers in the thing and your worst fears are realized? Uhh... prefer not to.

Further advice: Stay away from soft primers, and if possible, shoot what it was designed to shoot: milspec ball ammo. "The only way to make something foolproof is to keep it away from fools". "Anything" can happen in theory. he chances of this happening a second time can be fully answered by shooting it correctly with what it was designed to shoot.

That's just me... actual mileage may vary. Caveat Emptor, etc.

Really: I'd gladly buy that receiver... I really do want a trial one to do a BM-59 build on. A Bit-O-TIG and a file and... well, you get the point.




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