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9 mm mauser

I am gunna start this by saying I am a long ways off from doing this but want to ask some questions before I embark on a dead end idea.

I have a 9 mm mauser that I would like to think about reloading someday. I have got lucky enough to find some more ammo but i also am sure ( havent pulled bullet yet) that it is all the old corosive primers...and not sure what type powder is in it. But some of the ammo i already had is original ammo. ( early,early 1900's). The gun i am not worried about cus unless sitting in a safe makes em rot away i am good to go cus it has been in my family since day one. I am under the understanding that i can have about any manufaturer make me a set of dies. And from all the checks i have done even though the caseing says. M99 9mm it dimensionally checks the same as the data I have found for 9X57. So where my dilema is now before i progess with this idea is going to be how do i determine powder type and amount to start with once i get to that t to mention finding a bullet in 245 grains ( cant remember exact dia i checked off top of my head) is probably going to be a choir too. So am i nuts here or is this an obtainable goal.

This gun has been shot about 10 times since i can remember so i am not foing this for the ability to shoot it a lot more but more so from the standpoint i would like more modern powder and primmers in it so ky gr,gr grandkids will still have a gun to shoot.

Thanks for reading.
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