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No its not illegal to carry on state property I was just specifying that it was not private property. Since it is policy not to carry there and its my fathers work place out of respect for my father and his coworkers I lock my firearms in my car before going in.

I never said it was illegal and there for unenforceable I said IF it is not legal then it is unenforceable at least that's what I was trying to convey. I also said a landlord has no right to dictate how you chose to defend yourself and your loved ones. I mean that from a human rights and ethical standpoint not a legal one.

No I don't believe its immoral to sign a contract you have no intention of honoring sections of. Contracts often have clauses that are not enforceable or outright illegal because they are standard forms and do not follow state or local laws. I gave an example of cell phone contracts earlier. Just because you put it in a contract or lease does not maker it enforceable! That's all I have been saying. If you would read the whole of my posts rather then cherry picking perhaps we could stay more on topic.

My second argument is that doing what you need to do to survive trumps the possibility of getting evicted.
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