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Originally Posted by Hawg Haggen
Also the rate of twist will determine what shoots best. 1:48 is a middle ground for conicals and round balls but not ideal for either. Anything faster will be conical only. A round ball really likes a 1:60 twist or slower.
That's only true for the larger caliber round balls. Some folks may not realize that because the smaller caliber balls are shorter in length, they actually require a faster twist. For example, the Green Mountain .36 caliber swamped profile barrel that they advertise as having a round ball twist is 1 in 48", along with having a rifling depth of .010 - .012.
GM makes one 44" swamped .40 caliber round ball barrel with a 1 in 56" twist.

But all of their other .40 caliber barrels are 36" - 42" long and have a 1 in 48" twist which are known to shoot round balls with pin point accuracy at 100 yards.

The different barrel makers all have their own preferred twist rates for the different caliber round ball barrels that they make.

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