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Photos of 2nd Gen Revolvers

How come it is almost impossible to find good photos of any Colts Limited editions, Special editions or Special series 2nd generation revolvers......
For example the following:
C1121 BSE 1851 Navy
C1121 CDC 1851 Navy
C1122 S2B 1851 Navy
C1770 CES 3rd Model Dragoon,
C1770 MN 3rd Model Dragoon,
C1770 S2B 3rd Model Dragoon,
C1770 CSE 3rd Model Dragoon, Statehood Custom Edition,
F1200 MN 1860 Army
F1200 ICE 1860 Army, Interstate Special Edition, Cased set
F1200 CES 1860 Army
F1200 LNK 1860 Army, full electroless nickel finish.
F1200 LNKS 1860 Army
F1202 CTF 1860 Army
F1203 XFC 1860 Army
F9005 SPL Cavalry Commemorative
F1310 1861 Navy, Stainless Steel.
F1400 MN 1862 Pocket Navy, Full bright nickel w/one piece ivory grip.
F1400 CES 1862 Pocket Navy.
F1500 MN 1862 Pocket Police
F1500 CES 1862 Pocket Police
F1700 YVE 1st Model Dragoon, Yorktown Victory Cased set.
F1740 EGA 3rd Model Dragoon.
F1740 CWU
C1720 CWC
F1210 JSM
F1100 AF
F1100 N
F1100 MC
F1100 A
Klay-Colt C1121 KCP and KCE

......If anybody have good photos of those or any of the other hard to find please post them......
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