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best over under

I am very fortunate to own a few citoris, one 686 betetta and a K-80 as im a gun collector and avid heavy skeet shooter. I attest the Browning line is outstanding when i shot skeet for the USAF i shot to the point that the gun opened up after firing the first shot, Browning told me it had over 200,000 rounds through it. The beretta is lighter and very solid and prefer to use it for hunting. The K-80 is a work of art and is in a class by itself a very heavy gun with its sole purpose to break targets and that it does well. SKBs have leaf springs and in heavy use have a reputation of breaking but easy to fix, Rugers are cruly made as they are casted but good guns for just about anything. Stick with any brand above and you wont go wrong the main thing is fit with a shotgun as one that dont fit can cost $10,000 and you will do better with a $1500 shotgun.
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