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Happy I train with both hands...

... since I took my strong hand out pretty well last night.

Important safety tip: If you have a spring-assist type knife, it might be a good idea to keep it in a sheath instead of a pocket. My SureFire knife opened up on me last night in my front pocket, without my knowledge, and I cut the heel of my hand right below the thumb when I went to adjust a belt holster.

Several stitches later, I have no effective grip in my right hand, probably for the next few days at least.

Left hand holster is being broken out.

I usually shoot about 25% of any given range session left-handed, so while my abilities are slightly downgraded, they are still pretty good.

I can't write all that well, of course... good thing I mostly type.

Don't ignore training with your weak hand - it might just be the only one you can use in a given instant.
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