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As Hawg posted, it is an Eibar type pistol. The Vesta was manufactured after 1918 by Bonifacio Echeverria. With the extended grip it is similar to the Military Ruby ( France ) but is not a military arm. Bonifacio Echeverria was one of four gun makers allowed to resume production after the Spanish civil war. The firm was active until the 1980s and sold firearms under the name of Star. The Vesta is a step above most of the Spanish Eibar pistol but the monetary value is not high, perhaps 200 dollars. The Holster Is nice but adds nothing to the value. You should value it as a heirloom and care for it accordingly. Word of caution, I would not shoot it very much, there are no parts sources for these old Eibar guns and if it breaks it becomes a paper weight. Hope that helps.
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