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Since I don't keep my own brass always separate from everyone else's I pick up, I've never been able to keep accurate track of how many times specific lots of 9mm cases have been reloaded. Since it's IPSC I do and usually everyone there reloads, I'd hate to even imagine how many times the brass I load has been previously used. I'm sure it ranges between once (for those lucky times I get the brass that young mall ninjas leave behind) to dozens of times, including brass previously loaded to major PF.

In my experience when brass goes bad, either the case mouth is cracked (pretty rare) or the primer pocket becomes loose sometimes causing the primer to fall out after loading to make those darn "tricklers". Usually you can feel the squishy sensation of a properly seated primer, and those cases that offer absolutely no resistance when seated I mark and end up leaving behind the next time at the range. I don't have to mark many.

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