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As someone who's lived in apartments before, be sure to change out the locks when you move in. Do not give the manager a key.
That would be a good way to have a landlord start eviction procedures in many places (if not almost all).

I need access to the place for emergencies, and the lease (ans state law in many places) define what is reasonable for a landlord to demand.

Keys and 24 hours notice are common.
And 24 hours is commonly waived in emergencies )often defined as anything that could result in property damage if not dealt with immediately).

You have the USE of the premises, NOT OWNERSHIP.

MY name is on the deed.

I rarely bother any of my tenants, and many of them see to minor repairs on their own.

A few call over and over after clogging drains.
They never seem to stick around long.

I could care less if they own firearms, as long as they do not damage the property.

I have never seen so many folks that appear to have NO understanding of their rights, and how are legal system operates.

Your rights on private property are subject to the property owner.
If you have a business open to the public the owner's rights are limited in a many ways.

Discrimination against the 'protected classes' is NOT allowed.
Other discrimination IS allowed.

You do not have to admit robbers or thieves. (You can be banned for shoplifting, crating a disturbance, or just having B.O. and being an a-hole).

Others have explained it cogently and clearly.

I cannot stop you from speaking or carrying a gun, but I sure as hell can demand you LEAVE or have you charged with a crime, trespassing.

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