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Not knowing how thick the stock is at the point the screw needs to be. I can only suggest something of this nature.

Self-setting sleeve nuts


Shallow depth PEM nuts http://milspecfastenerscorporation.t...pem-inserts-2?

These are not the only self-seating nut for wood, but are some that allows the use of a Machine Screw and if the screw is too long, carefully scribe where it penetrates beyond the nut, remove the screw and then carefully cut it or use a shorter screw. Having done this type of custom screw length cutting, my advice is to put a regular nut on the screw up close to the head so that after cutting, cleaning and shaping the cut end, you can remove the nut to help clean out the threads where you cut it.

Unless you can find the 2 piece Screw/sleeve combination. I tried to find an American site to give you idea of the long sleeve nuts that are a part of the two piece units and this is the best I can do.

At least you will have an idea of what you might look for.
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