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Originally Posted by jason_iowa
In iowa posted signs saying no weapons allowed have no legal authority so yes I ignore them. I disarm to go into my fathers office but that's state property and its more out of respect then any legal obligation.
Even in states where posted signs have no legal import, if the owner or authorized agent of the property of the property sees you and personally informs you that you must leave because you are violating their rules, if you don't leave you are in violation of laws pertaining to criminal trespass and you can be arrested. If you were (or are) in LE you must know this.

I find your second sentence (above) interesting on two grounds. First, what difference does it make if your father's office is on state property? If a law prohibiting firearms is unconstitutional, as you claim, then it is equally unconstitutional for a state government as for a private owner. Secondly, you disarm when visiting your father's office "out of respect"? Respect for whom or what? Why should you disarm out of respect for a state law while arguing that you don't have to respect a private property owner's rules? Or are you arguing that you respect only your father so you disarm there so as not to embarrass him, but that you don't respect your state's laws?

Frankly, I don't find your position to be logical, ethical, or legal. You are certainly free to live according to what you think is right, but I hope you don't go around advising others that your interpretation on this is correct.
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