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dab102999 suggests:
Also is this a new gun or a new gun to you?..maybe something might just be wore out enough that with the higher quality ammo it is a little much for it.
Too much for higher quality ammo? Is high quality ammo loaded to higher peak pressure than standard quality ammo? Never heard of such a thing.

I doubt anything's wore out enough to cause higher pressures such to cause fired cases to be harder to extract. There's only two things that wear out a bolt gun.

One's the barrel getting shot out. The origin of the rifling's eroded away so there's less resistance to the bullet going into the bore and that means lower pressure. And velocity will be less, too.

The other's the firing pin spring getting weak. Weaker smacks of the firing pin on the primer don't make it put out as much fire to the powder. And that, too, means lower peak pressure as well as a lower muzzle velocity.

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