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Hawg Haggen's Hatfield photo's

Hatfield photo's commenting on: Looks like the logging and lumber milling business was more than successful for the Hatfield family. All posing with pretty up to date spendy weaponry. No doubt as weapons and there ammunition improved thru the feud years so did Hatfields. Is there a hidden lesson to be learned from those years? other than don't steal your neighbors livestock and then parade it back in front of him or make a quip in bad taste about one's family pet to a stern-looking fellow bigger in stature than yourself. It leads me to believe there wasn't any thought given to being Political Correct during that time in history for those who lived outside the boundaries of the privileged few. Yup again I was born 150 yrs. to late and missed the party when at a time in History. Men behaved like men with morals and little scruples. Women did what they had too in order to stay alive and thrive. Did C/B weapons go on being used way after the Civial War was over. I suppose so according to what some here have written. I'm sure they still served a purpose for many well into the 20th century.
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