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State Police team with Fed to restrict Illinois gun owner rights

State Police team with Fed to restrict

Illinois gun owner rights

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Illinois State Police are teaming up to pass legislation to destroy Illinoisan's right to privacy and gun rights in exchange for federal grant money. Representative Cynthia Soto (D) recently used parliamentary procedure to hijack an anti-drug bill (SB1034) and turn it into an anti-gun bill. Soto appears to be a minor player fronting for Holder and the DOJ which has promised the ISP millions of dollars in federal grants if the legislation passes.

SB1034 would require Illinois firearms owners to disclose their Social Security Number when applying for a FOID card giving the ISP access to such personal information as credit records, tax returns and payroll information. According to the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), SB1034 will also essentially eliminate the reinstatement process for FOID holders who had their cards revoked for whatever reason prohibiting persons otherwise able to own a firearm under federal law from owning one in Illinois. It also provides for a 60-day waiting period on the purchase of firearms and ammunition for new residents of the state.

Finally, SB1034 greatly broadens the definition of domestic violence beyond the original intent of the law and will result in firearm confiscation for potentially minor situations.

The ISRA urges all Illinois residents to contact their State Representative and Senator to express their opposition to SB1034. Politely reminding them it's an election year and you take second amendment issues seriously. [Source: Illinois State Rifle Association]
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