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Serious need of better hearing protection!

To make a long story short, I was going to the range with a few people. I had always rented before because I was too lazy to go and buy a set. I was in home depot the night before and decided to look for some. I wound up buying 3M Tekk's Professional Hearing Protector model. I bought 2 since I do shoot a lot and if I was shooting with someone, they'd have protection too. They work fine, great actually. But there's one problem. They're just too big for what I do! I mostly just shoot .22lr and sometimes louder things like a .22WMR and 7.62x54r. What I need is something less clunky for when I'm shooting things like a .22lr. Does anyone have a good suggestion for an affordable, compact pair? I paid about $22 a pop for the 3M Tekks, so I guess I don't have any problem spending more. Also, I'm kinda not ready for electronic protection yet, so regular products would be preferred. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me!
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