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quoting myself "rifles are utilitarian but pistols are made only for killing"

I guess that I should have been more explicit, handguns were not used for hunting, handguns were rarely used when there was a fox or other predator in the chickens, handguns are only used to kill people. I guess I was making the distinction between hunting and murder (something my kin had trouble with).

That's why I was amazed at the preponderance of pistols in the few photos of that era, I can only surmise that many of these pistols were take homes from service during the Civil War.

Note also there is the Kentucky vs. West Virginia border there was a great deal of rancor in this area before and after the Civil War.

Someone above also mentioned miners and private detectives, another Hatfield was in the middle of that dustup as well. That would be Sid Hatfield and the Matewan Massecre. He was related to the feuding Hatfield's, some sort of cousin.
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