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Might look like pretty country to a Texan, but that is definitely NOT the West Virginia I grew up in!

Terrain was absolutely wrong.......try to find a FLAT area in Logan or Mingo Co's as was depicted in the Grapvine battle for just one instance.......then too where in hell was the rhododendron, the spruce and the tight, dark hollows.

Guns......probably a fair representation of the era......tho the photo's I've seen of that tribe had some interesting and seldom seen models.

Theme music..........nothing special there.

Overall, despite the lack of authenticity in setting (didja notice there were NO McClellan saddles at all!) it was watchable & a bit better that some other attempts.......Still, it falls way short of Matewan and even that had it's faults.

Just being an overly critical long gone Hillbilly, I guess.

And I neglected to add that ANY self respecting appalachian type would have a REAL it a bluetic, redbone, or black and tan. That fuzzy potlicker shown damn sure wasn't.

Hey remember turning over those outhouses on Halloween?

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