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I got two coyotes with a flex tone. It was real cheap.

I have found a lot of calls on clearance right after deer season closes. I don't guess that Walmart knows that it's still good coyote hunting time. Lol.

I've had good luck with a Johnny Stewart dog howler, it's open reed. Primo's has some that work good too. Open reed are very versatile but can be a challenge. You wanna be careful not to imitate warning howls. Just leave the barks out to be safe. I stick to yips, howls and hurt dog. Friendly sounding yips have been peoductive.
I've had poor luck in the day, but many guys have good success. I hunt at night. I call for a couple of minutes, then I listen then I give the spotlight a bump. I think in the day that I may not just ever see them, I know at night they stop and sit and watch at times. In the sitting and watching position, they blend into the brush amazingly well.
My outings usually go like this, I wait and listen for pigs for two to three hours, during this time I usually have heard two or three coyote concertos and some petty coyote squabbles. If no pigs sighted I'll start calling if coyote activity seems good. During the wait I have been busted by coyotes also, I am amazed at their persistence to snitch.
In the end, I have more unproductive hunts for coyotes than I'd like. But I love being out there. It's pretty awesome to see that dog comming in, and that it's coming to your call.
I'm gonna try to get out this weekend. I gave them a rest because I over hunted them.
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