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Speaking of Costner and firearms, I read recently he was upset back in 2003that the movie editors (or whomever) had made it look like he was firing a 12 shooter in the movie Open Range. They edited out the scene where he drew the 2nd revolver in the opening of the huge final gunfight. For most folks, they don't know nor CARE that he was firing so many times, Hollywood's been doing it forever. But he knew and supposidly commented on it.
Love that movie too.

Movies are supposed to suspend you in time, which is what makes them entertainment. For us, seeing a brass '58 and some of the other oddities snaps us out of the "moment" like a regular person seeing a car sitting on the side of the road in this movie. We notice things like that, because it's our little world.

My Father-in-Law retired a Captain of the Florida Highway Patrol, he hated any kind of TV cop show, simply wouldn't watch them. That was his world, and he just couldn't enjoy them. Didn't bother us though. We loved Starsky and Hutch, Hawaii 5-0, Ironsides, and Dragnet. Whoo Hoo.
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