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Love the series, didn't even bother me about the brass frame '58. I guess the prop guys liked the shiny look of it.

Those of us from the South, know that the depression lasted into the 1960's for the rural south. Granddaddy and Grandmama got a bathroom in the house in the early 60's, my Dad put it in for them. That was the rural north Florida area too. So, the folks in the mountains were much more secluded and also economically deprived, it might have been the 70's till the Depression ended there, if no still going.

That being said, one of my board members was raised in West Virginia however, they lived in a housing project that Elinor Roosevelt built out up there. His Mom would ride around in the car with her.
He had indoor everything, even central heat, much like a modern house.
While the neighbors, who didn't get to move to the housing project lived in adject poverty in houses that looked like the TV series.
Go figure.
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