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Originally Posted by jason iowa
No I'm not a constitutional lawyer or scholar. Other then spending 8 years in the navy defending it I don't know anymore then anyone else that can read the constitution and SCOTUS decisions. This one was pretty clear in a recent decision.
Okay, then ... which decision, and exactly where in that decision did it stipulate that owners of private property could not establish rules regarding what is and what is not allowed on their property?

The logical extension of your argument, of course, is that if you are correct it must also be unlawful for the owner of a shopping mall to post "No Firearms Allowed" signs and to evict people caught carrying on their property. Are you also arguing that you have an absolute right to ignore the owner's rules and carry in a shopping mall that's posted?

Originally Posted by jason iowa
Regardless I stand by my original statement that I would ignore it and that no one is going to dictate to me how I choose to defend my loved ones ...
Your choice. But your choosing to ignore a clause in a lease does not make it illegal.

Originally Posted by jason iowa
... and there is little or no recourse that could be taken.
Well, of course there is recourse. The landlord can evict you for violating the terms of your lease.

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