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Where these threads go completely sideways is SOME try to lump all bird shot into one group and buckshot into another.
I couldn't agree more. A full house load of Hevi-Shot Dead coyote is in a different category all together than a #6 field load. I think that some may opt for the larger bird shot (#2, bb, tt) over heavy buck shot (# 1, .30 cal and up) and slugs because of their concerns with over penetration. Of course I am just speaking for myself; I am more concerned about where the BG's bullets are going than about my shot over penetrating. My current choice is #1 buck, I have considered a 12 pellet 2 3/4 in magnum load of 00 buck, but currently consider #1 my best option. Not to be dramatic, but if someone is doing something that is so threatening to me or my family that my only option is to shoot them. Whatever their doing, I want them to stop immediately. I don't want to experiment with something that may work. I want to use a load that is heavy enough to smash through furniture, clothing, bone, muscle and fat, rettaining enough energy to reach vital organs. A heavy magnum load of turkey/ duck / goose shot may work. My concern is what will the foam and fabric of my couch, the muscle and bone of the assailants forearm, the fabric of his heavy winter coat and the muscle and bone of his chest leave left of that "magnum" load designed to kill a 20-40 lb animal not a 200 lb. human. One is called Bird shot and the other Buck shot for a reason.
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