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Get some basics down

I was at the club one day when the trap fields were closed, but you could shoot hand tossed. I was giving my neighbor, a newby to shotguns, some basic pointers and we noticed two young shooters on the adjacent field. One would toss and the other shoot, then they would swap the thrower and the gun.

I mentioned to my neighbor, "Watch this guy, he's going to miss." Sure enough the guy missed and my neighbor was amazed, "How'd you know he'd miss?" I told him it was because of the shooter's abominable stance and gun mount. He was obviously self-taught and didn't have a very good teacher.

Cornfield clays can be a tons-O-fun, but they can be very frustrating for newbies when it's a case of the blind leading the blind. As my friend, 1-oz recommended, work on your basics.
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