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NYC questions- need some help

NYC help!!!
I recently got my NYC premises and target pistol license and picked up my first revolver. I usually go to a friends privates club/range in NJ to shoot my rifle since he has up to 300 yards. As always rifles are transported locked and empty with bullets also locked.
I know that hand guns are a lot more sensitive issue so I called NJPD to inquire about the transport o a handgun over state border. I was told that as long as is locked and empty with bullets locked I can transport it to a range(since I do have a target permit). To double check I called My friend who is NYPD officer who confirmed that a far as he is concerned if he stopes a person who legally has the right to own a gun in NYC everything is fine. I went a step further and called NYPD permit department. An officer picked up the phone and notified me that NO the gun can't be transported out of state (I asked what about something along the lines of an NRA shoot - the answer is still NO) he also told me because my license is restricted premises I can't even go to a range outside NYC(but I can take it hunting all over the state) which doesn't make any sense. So NJPD is ok with me bringing my gun to target practice but NY is not. Now I know as long as you abide by the rulles don't speed no one will know where you are going and what you have in your car but in case some day I do get stopped I would like to know what my rights are and what is allowed and why.

I also asked my NYPD officer friend about Florida and Utah out of state ccw license so that I can carry the gun but mainly have it as a backup on hunting in PA and other local states. He told me that's long as I have the gun registered on that CCW license (so it would be registered under NYC premises license and lets say Florida out of state CCW). I asked the same question to the officer who I brought my gun for inspection and was told that I CANT take my gun that is registered in NYC out of state. And if I have a residence in lets say PA or Florida I will need a diff gun to register and carry under that CCW.

I am getting to completely contradicting answers. I hope maybe someone here is LEO or a lawyer and can give me a concrete answer regarding going to a neighboring state to target practice, using gun as back up in the woods and a Florida out of state CCW.
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