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I'm a fan of old movies, especially serials. The last serial was made around 1954 or 1944. Automatics showed up sometimes but mostly the hero used a double-action revolver unless it was a western, in which case he used--well, just guess. Invariably the DA revolver is a Smith & Wesson M&P, often as not carried without a holster. A five-inch barrel is often seen but those were nearly always carried in a holster. In even older movies, I am amused when they pull a revolver with a six-inch barrel from a shoulder holster.

One of the last serials featured a lead who only carried a Colt Detective Special, so ever since then I've figured that a .38 snub nose revolver was sufficient armament for most folks. I don't have one. The serial also featured very prominently some brand new Fords.
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