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A couple general smith questions

Hello all. I would like to start by saying that I have been accepted into the local gunsmithing program and classes will start this fall. I am extremely excited about this and also extremely nervous. This has led me to a few question that I would like to ask of the more experienced smiths around.

1. Are there any specific tools, items that you would recommend to a beginner that you have found useful? There is a pretty long list of required tools so I am wondering more about something you might have figured out that works for you. I feel like that is a pretty general question that may have no answer really.

2. What job have you found to be the most re-occurring? Is there something that you see often?

3. Do you prefer to work only on specific arms or are you open to most jobs?

4. Am I asking questions that don't really matter and need different advice?

5. Has there been anything that you wished you would have known earlier in your career?
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