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from what I've noticed with both of my MNs, accuracy is not the greatest but still within the realm of hunting accurate. the sights are a real problem since they are non adjustable up/down so many shooters do not waste the time and money to give them the ability to zero at a specific range. another drawback is that every round I've ever seen in 54R has been full metal jacket or steel core, neither of which is very effective for hunting, yes they will punch a large hole in whatever you shoot but there is little tissue shock from expansion to drop the animal so you will end up having to track them until they bleed out. however if you have a scope and are not afraid of home loading, there is a small amount of brass cased ammo out there for reloading and since the 303 brit has been a popular hunting round among the milsurp enthusiasts, there is a wide selection of 311 caliber soft tip and ballistic tip bullets for home loading. 54r does not lack for the stopping power or accuracy to take an animal past 100 yards there is just a few hurdles for you to clear before you get there. I am currently in the process of sporterizing one of my MNs and intend to see if I can get it up to snuff in time for deer season.
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