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Originally Posted by War Elephant
It is a Crime in NJ to receive a bp firearm pistol or rifle without purchasing it from a NJ licenced firearms dealer.
This raises a question for me.

NOTE: I am NOT intending to propose anything illegal. But ... I would like to know if someone can help clarify whether or not this is legal -- and, if not, why not.

It is NOT against the law to purchase or to receive a black powder firearm from sources other than an FFL in most other states -- such as Pennsylvania. I can walk into a Cabelas and walk out with a black powder replica revolver without filling out any forms or signing anything other than the charge card slip -- if I don't pay cash. And, since such sales are completely unregulated, nobody knows or cares if the buyer is a resident of the store where the sale takes place. As far as I know, it's 100 percent legal for a resident of New Jersey, New York, or California to purchase a black powder firearm in Pennsylvania. In fact, I can order a black powder revolver from Cabelas and they can ship it to me across state lines -- legally (except, perhaps, if I lived in NJ).

Which leads to the logical question: If a NJ resident were to trek over to Cabelas in PA and buy a black powder revolver (or long gun), is it unlawful for him or her to bring it home to NJ? He wouldn't be buying it in NJ. The purchase would be legal at the point of purchase. Since he already owns it by the time he gets to NJ, he wouldn't be receiving it in NJ.

What does NJ statute say about this (if anything)?
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