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Camp is located approx. 5 or 6 miles downstream from Rte. 28 bridge over the Moose River at McKeever. I've heard from several people who claim wolves in the Adirondacks over the years. I live in central Oneida county, rural, surrounded by woods and swamps, I can hear coyotes evey night of the week from my front yard. A 'discovery zoo' place a couple miles from me has a couple of timber wolves, my son lives across from their property. We can hear the wolves howling almost every night there, there is NO SIMILARITY between a wolf howl and the coyoyes yelping & howling. Wondering mainly about the tracks, never saw anything like that before. I mention 1/2" of fresh snow on top of crust, tracks were only in fresh snow, didn't break through the crusty stuff.
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