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Originally Posted by iMagUdspEllr View Post
P290- The gun weighs 20 oz and has a heavy trigger pull. So I would say that your accuracy would be diminished. It does have night sights, though!

Nano- The gun weighs 18 oz and has a heavy trigger pull. It doesn't have night sights on it either. Accuracy is going to be greatly diminished due to the lack of night sights and heavy trigger pull.

Shield- The gun weighs 19 oz and has a reasonable trigger pull (6.5 lbs advertised) and there are aftermarket night sights for it. So, you would be most likely to hit what you're aiming at with this.
How does accuracy diminish from lack of night sites? IMO, small guns like these are point shooters and sites are a moot point, especially night sites.
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