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Out of curiosity, what area of the Adirondacks is this camp? My father used to hunt in the Jersey Field area (at least that's what him and my uncle called it). They used to tell some pretty interesting stories about what went on up there, and it's definately wild enough to conceal something.

If the snow was supporting a full-grown human (ballpark 175 lbs?) then what canine-type animal would be able to make decent impressions in crusty snow? I didn't think even wolves got that big...although NYS does have some pretty big coyotes. That big though? I don't know...

Yes I was close if not correct. According to Wikipedia, the largest grey wolf ever found (killed) in Alaska and weighed 175 lbs. A russian one was also killed that weighed 190, but they're supposedly bigger.

NY state says a lot of things. Whether or not they're true/informed, that's another topic entirely

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