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Adding spur to S&W hammer?

I was wondering if anyone has ever added a spur to a hammer. On the S&W 6906, the hammer is perfectly flush with the back of the slide when it is de-cocked, so there is no way to get to single action without pulling on the double action trigger (either to fire a shot, or to use the trigger to get the hammer back far enough that you can cock it manually ... the latter is NOT a good idea, I know!). On many of the other S&W models (e.g. 1076) as well as the bobbed hammer HK-USPs that are DA/SA like the 6906, the hammer protrudes roughly a tenth of an inch so that you can manually take it to SA safely if that is desired and I'd like to have the 6906 be the same.

I'd love to hear if (and how) people have done this mod ... if they have.

Thanks in advance,

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