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Originally Posted by mikld
Yep. (and not trying to be a butt) but the Micky Dees I've seen have a restroom with a sink, running water, and soap. Most have paper towels too.
Both the indoor ranges and the outdoor shooting ranges I've been to have restrooms. When I'm done shooting at the close-to-home indoor range I have to blow my nose several times 'cause of the dust stirred up by my .44s. Not a complaint, but some things are part of shooting. If I want to stay "Operating Room" clean, I won't go shooting at all, or I'd wear a hazmat suit. My boots get pretty dirty/dusty or even muddy (depending on time of year), when I walk out to the 100 yard line/target stand. My glasses get pretty dusty from shooting my handguns. So, a little soot from so called "dirty" powder ain't no big thang...
Thanks for the tip, now, how does that answer the question that was posed?
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