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I'd like to think so - assuming the threat is over.
The goal of self defense is to stop the threat, not to kill, plus, I don't like to think of myself as the kind of person that would stand by and watch someone bleed out - even if they had tried to take my stuff. But, that's less about them than it is about me.
LOL, if the bad guys end up in a position where they need first aid, maybe they should have prepared a little better for the consequences of the fight.

I personally have no wish to expose myself further to the threat that the will continue to have which is a biohazard threat.

The goal is to stop the threat, sure enough. I have no goals about trying to keep alive a person that threaten the lives of my family and self. I will call 911 for them so long as I can do so without risk. That is the sum total of obligation I feel I have to helping them.
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