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"No offense but it doesn't look much like a Hawken. Too much drop in the stock, single trigger, brass butt plate, wrong trigger guard and the wrong front sight. "

It has an iron but plate and no brass on this gun whatsoever. I've been told by a few collectors that it is a hawken and one that it is a Pennsylvania long rifle. So who knows.

"No tools on the farm"
Lots of tools and files out there. I just didn't have a key to get into the barn with me that day. My grandfather was off in Ohio at the time so I had no way to get to the tools. I also would only use a brass punch on the sight. I've spent to much time restoring this gun to scratch it with a nail.

"Have to shoot it at 50 yards."
I needed to see where the sights were putting the ball. For that all you need is 25 yards. If you can get it to shoot straight at 25 yards then you will be a lot closer to the mark at 50. Once i address the windage and elevation issues at 25 then I'll take it out to 50 and refine it.
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