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I strongly believe that if you own a gun and keep it in the home for self-defense, carry it for protection or as a job requirement, bring it to the range, etc., you should also learn basic medical skills (shooter's aid) to provide basic medical care until EMS can arrive on scene. You must be able to stop and control bleeding and/or maintain an airway at a minimum until help arrives.
I'm not on board with this at all. Guns are less dangerous than cars, buses, tractors, motorcycles, milling machines, lathes, saws, cranes, sky diving, ladders, surfing, bicycling......and the list goes on. Do we need for everyone who engages in one of these far riskier behaviors to learn basic medical skills?

There are a lot of things people should know. How to render first aid is only one of many. However, this is a free country and people are free to learn as much or as little as they want. Owning guns is a right and that right should in no way be tied to some requirement that the owner have any medical training whatsoever.

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