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Need a new gun Safe

Ok so I have 4 pistols and 3 (soon to be (4) Long Guns (12g, 22ar, ar15). I would like to get some ammo in there as well. I have 2-3k of 9mm, 2500 of 556, 2500 22lr, and 300 of 12g. Would like to be under 500 for a safe. Combo only, safe is in a dry basement that is around 64 degrees year around, no water either. It is the only place I can put it. I have narrowed down my choices to (3). Sentry Safe G1459C (14-gun), Stack-On 16 gun, and Centurion CE12 (14 gun but really 12 gun). The Sentry has terrible shelf layout but has good width, Stack on seems to be the biggest but once again no side shelves and the top one wont hold much weight at all. The Centurion has easily the nicest inside and is fire proof...too a point. But it is small in the inside. It has a great layout and seems to be the nicest from a construction stand point. My budget is as I said 500. Not sure of the danger of ammo storage but it seems that only powder is a no-no. As well as primer but primers are also not that bad (gun smith told me not to worry about this). I like the Centurion the best followed by the Sentry. Let me know what you guys think. I am having a tough time finding data on this.
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