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AA5 works well in both calibers. I recently bought some AA2 to try out for both calibers as well. I expect the recoil to be a little less with the AA2 and still be clean burning. AA5 will work for .357 Mag. as well, but AA7 is a better powder for .357. I like the way AA powders measure through my powder measure and how clean they burn.

I have used W231. Unless you are running it above mid range it tends to be a little dirty burning. Working up a load with W231 I found as soon as the groups start to tighten up .2 grains more powder generally keeps the groups tight and the powder starts to burn cleaner too. W231 is a fast burning powder similar to AA2.

For pistol loading, powder is the cheapest component. Find the powder you like and don't put too much into the cost of the powder. An exception might be the VV powders. They are expensive here but they do work well.
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